Who are Sugiko Chinen and Luca A.M.Colombo

Luca A.M. Colombo & Sugiko Chinen

Luca A.M. Colombo & Sugiko Chinen established their Piano Duet in Milano, Italy, during 1995 and started immediately an intense concert activity in Europe ( Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Poland, Norway and Czech Republic) and Japan, taking part to many internationals concert seasons and festivals.

Coming from so different lands and culture - Italy and Japan - they found an unique and original sensibility in four-hands piano playing, being appreciated both by public and critics; the accurate study of each score they play leed Luca A.M. Colombo & Sugiko Chinen to a so deep undertanding of the music, that phrasing, tone and harmony seem to born naturally at each concert.

From the beginning he duo has been devoted to major works for piano four-hands written by French and Italian composers of the first half of XXth century, extending afterwards the interest to the whole repertoire written for this ensemble: from Schubert to Schumann, from Piazzolla to Nakada ....

Nevertheless their repertoire is not so large because they prefer to play only what they can interpret really by heart.

After graduating in their own countries, Luca A.M. Colombo & Sugiko Chinen improved their duo skills under the guidance of Mario Panciroli and Alfredo Speranza, getting awarded in several international competitions.